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Synergy Senior Fitness

with Artie G

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We are committed to raising awareness to the special fitness needs of the senior community as well as developing and promoting exercise routines that address these specific needs.

Synergy Senior fitness provides a full course of senior specific exercises through live & virtual classes, videos and seminars.

Synergy Senior fitness is located in Palm Coast Florida
and is owned and operated by certified instructor Artie Gardella.

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The Synergy Story

Artie Gardella, Synergy Senior Fitness, Owner

At the age of 35, Artie Gardella had an awful mental breakdown, the result of a very high stress level career that expanded over 15 years with hardly a break.

After struggling with too many medicines seeking relief, Artie finally turned to health and fitness as part of his recovery.

Artie was no stranger to the healthy lifestyle … his mother was a vegetarian and health nut before eating healthy was popular. His father, Danny Gardella, was a professional athlete who played for the New York Giants. So eating right and exercise was something he grew up with and eventually strayed from.

After losing over fifty pounds and feeling great, Artie sought certifications in his various exercise disciplines and eventually developed his own business and started a second career with Synergy Fitness, Inc.

As time went on, Artie G., as he is known in the fitness world, became very interested in studying the aging body with it’s special needs, and began to focus his attention solely on developing exercise routines for the senior community.


Click "Classes" on top for a full updated schedule and for any holiday cancellation announcements.

BAM (Balance & Motion)

Light weights, low impact cardio, core development, stretching, balance and coordination. Standing and seated.

Active Fit & Pilates

with Jocelyn D

Move and groove to great music while increasing your cardiovascular & muscular endurance with heart healthy, low impact aerobics. This standing circuit workout alternates cardio with muscular strength moves for upper and lower body, followed by a  total body stretch & core work. Some days a mat is used. Light weights and resistance band required. 

Virtual Classes on Facebook

Facebook Live classes

 Wednesday and Friday at 9am

(click below, join group, try classes for free for one week

and then $25 per month to participate.) Cancel anytime.

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Private Training

Individual private sessions

specializing in exercises for Parkinson's and other movement disorders.

Call 386-931-3485

for an appointment


I am so happy to be exercising with the Synergy Senior Fitness Class. I find it to be a very fulfilling exercise for me. I don’t care for the gym atmosphere! Plus, this class is for all seniors, even those who have walkers!

Barbara Brand

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(For a faster response text 386-931-3485)

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