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Class Registration

One time registration covers classes in all locations

Classes are covered by the following supplemental insurances. Check your carrier and put in your “fitness id number” or check No Coverage.

  • Florida Health Care Plans 

Fitness id # is your 6 digit member number.

  • Humans / Blue Cross Blue Shield / Aetna 

Fitness id # is a Silver Sneakers number beginning with “2300”.

  • United Health Care

Fitness id # is a Renew Active number beginning with the letter “A”.

  • Advent Health

Fitness id # is a Silver & Fit 8 digit number & let your carrier know you are joining our program.

  • No Coverage

Those without coverage give a donation each visit when signing in.

I give my consent to participate in the exercise programs conducted by Synergy Fitness, Inc. I recognize that exercise carries some risk to the musculoskeletal system (sprains, strains) and the cardio respiratory system (dizziness, discomfort in breathing, heart attack).  I hereby certify that I know of no medical problem that would increase my risk of illness and injury as a result of participation in a regular exercise program. By signing this consent form I understand that I am personally responsible for my actions and that I hereby release Synergy Fitness, Inc. and any of its officers or instructors from any and all liability for injuries that may incur.

Thanks for submitting!

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